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Abraham Ofek, D.Sc

Abraham Ofek, D.Sc

Founder and General Director

Prof. Abraham Ofek holds a D.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion and M.A. from Tel-Aviv University.
Prof. Abraham Ofek has an experience in consulting of over 20 years, working with organizations and coaching managers. Prof. Ofek is an expert in leading change management, organizational restructuring, project management, business strategy development, implementing innovative managerial approaches, work processes improvement, development and implementation of quality systems in organizations. Prof. Abraham Ofek has been leading consulting projects for senior managements in the High-Tech industry and in other industries. He has also been leading dozens of policy evaluation researches for numerous government offices, has written over 100 papers, and has developed trainings in the areas of managerial skills, project management, management of quality systems, IT management, and organizational learning.
Prof. Abraham Ofek was a senior professor at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management in the Technion. Also headed the MBA program and general management studies in the external studies department of the Haifa University. He was a visiting professor at CWRU in Cleveland, Ohio.
Prof. Abraham Ofek is a member of the American Society for Quality and in other international associations. Prof. Ofek has received international recognition on his work:
• The Ford Foundation Global Award, 1984
• The Ben-Gurion Foundation in Israel Award, 1985
• The Lady Davis International Foundation Award, 1989 and 1990
• The AMA – American Management Association Award, 1997

Hana Ofek, Ph.D

Hana Ofek, Ph.D

Founder and Chairwomen

Prof. Hana Ofek heads Ofek Management Institute. Prof. Ofek holds a PhD in Social Sciences-Public Administration from Tel-Aviv University and MA in Social Sciences from Tel-Aviv University. 

Prof. Hana Ofek has been practicing for over 20 years as a consultant in the areas of general management, public administration, public policy, organizational development, strategic planning, organizational diagnosis and analysis, development of management and control methods, work process analysis, team coaching and training, implementation of quality systems, quality standards certification, and urban research and consulting. 

Prof. Ofek has international reputation as an expert in local public administration. She has been leading projects of service and work processes improvements in dozens of local authorities in Israel and in the Cleveland Ohio metropolitan area. Prof. Ofek is a senior professor at the Tel-Aviv University public administration program and in the Department of Public Policy. She is also a professor at the MBA program of the College of Management in Israel. Prof. Ofek was a visiting professor at USC in Cleveland, Ohio, and also a senior professor at the MA program at Clark University, Massachusetts. 

Prof. Ofek is a certified EFQM trainer and has been leading numerous projects for quality implementation in government offices, in local authorities and public organizations. 

Prof. Ofek has published various papers and has developed training material in the areas of management, social sciences and social behavior.

Rafael Ben-Yohanan


Rafael holds an MBA from Tel-Aviv University, majoring in entrepreneurship, finance and accounting. He also holds M.Sc. from the Weitzman Institute and a B.A. in Chemistry from Tel-Aviv University.
As a consultant in the Ofek Management Institute, Refael leads projects of planning and establishing quality management systems for labs. He specializes in management consulting in the private and the public sectors.
Rafael has been leading projects of environment management and planning according to international standards for industrial organizations and for various ergonometric systems.
Rafael also leads projects of development and implementation of operational systems, supply chains and logistics which rely on IT systems. Among his recent projects are the planning of purchase processes in the Rabin Medical Center, managing of CRM systems and work process analysis.
Rafael also has led projects such as work processes analysis of water laboratories at Mekorot (Israel’s water company) and at the Israeli Flora Protection Services, along with management methods in the labs. Rafael has been leading projects of innovative management approaches implementation, project management planning, developing business plans and strategic planning.

Dahlia Menachem


Dalya holds an MBA from The Management College in Israel and B.S.W in social work from Tel-Aviv University.
As a consultant at Ofek Management Institute, Dalya leads projects of the Israeli National Controls Authority including managing and training of control teams, data collection and analysis. She specializes in leading data collection processes.

Ariel Bresler


Ariel holds M.Sc. from Tel Aviv University. As a consultant in Ofek Management Institute Ariel leads change management and organizational development projects. He specializes in work process analysis and procedures development, in implementation of quality management systems, and in conducting internal examinations and control.
Ariel leads projects of work processes development, organizational analysis, jobs’ analysis, market surveys planning, customer satisfaction surveys, and planning of organizational training systems.
Ariel has been leading numerous projects of agriculture manufacturing. He has led the project for redesign of the work processes for the Planning Authority of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. He has also led work processes planning and procedures development for the Israeli Ministry of Interior. Ariel has been leading an organizational planning process as part of the project for founding the Israeli Water Authority.

Amir Banker


Amir holds MBA from the Management College in Israel, and B.A, in organizational sociology from Haifa University.
As a consultant at Ofek Management Institute, Amir has been leading knowledge management projects. He leads projects of processes mapping, planning and implementation of work processes and execution studies, along with heading surveys, studies and internal controls.

Amir specializes in planning organizational platforms, writing position papers, leading change management and facilitating teams

Avivit Yeshaya


Avivit holds M.A. with distinction from Tel-Aviv University and B.A. with distinction from the Hebrew University. Avivit has experience in organizational consulting in both the private and the public sectors. She also is a certified facilitator in team training. As a consultant in Ofek Management Institute, Avivit leads projects of jobs’ analysis, organizational diagnosis, organizational development programs, work process planning and improvement, facilitating improvement teams, organizational control and redesign of organizational processes and structures.
Avivit is the institute’s quality manager for numerous clients and specializes in developing quality systems for organizations, defining work processes, conducting surveys and research and leading trainings.
Avivit has led projects of development and implementation of service charters, of development budget based work plans, and has conducted internal organization examinations and control processes. Among the recent projects Avivit has been leading are projects for quality and excellence management in service based organizations and in the public sector. These include leading welfare organizations to gain the ISO 9001:2000 certification and training improvement teams in local authorities in Israel.

Ayala Dubrovensky

Senior Scientific Researcher

Ayala holds M.A. with distinction from Tel-Aviv University, majoring in research methods, measurement and evaluation, and a B.A in statistics from Ben-Gurion University.
Ayala leads research projects and has experience in planning and in leading researches for public and private organizations. As a senior researcher at Ofek Management Institute, Ayala specializes in evaluation research.
Ayala has vast experience in academic and scientific research: development of measurement tools and data collection (quantitative and qualitative), analysis, data mining, SPSS statistical analysis, and academic writing and editing.
Among her recent projects are research on sex offenders, leading a research on the electronic cuffing of paroled prisoners in cooperation with the Israel Police, Israel Jail Authority and the Israeli Homeland Security Ministry.

Hani Cohen

Client Relations and Chief Administrator

Mrs. Cohen has been managing Ofek Management Institute’s administration for many years, and leading the firm’s client relations

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