Our Vision

Ofek Institute of Management is among the first 10 management-consulting firms in Israel, and we see as a top commitment for our clients to persist in fostering our expertise, ensuring professional excellence and being the leading firm in our areas of activity.

Ofek Institute of Management was among the founders of the management consulting practice in Israel and views itself committed for its clients to keep being at the knowledge forefront of organizational systems management.

Every organization encompasses in its activities engineering processes, managerial approaches and organizational culture. Our vision is to continue being a leading management consulting firm in our professional ability of Interdisciplinary Implementation of business approaches, industrial engineering and management and organization behavioral sciences.

The firm is committed to Professional Integrity of basing any solution and any professional activity as a response to our clients’ needs and on our renewing academic knowledge and vast experience of leading organizations to improvement and business growth.

These principals lead the firms’ managers and its team to foster an environment which respects the client and to act for the client’s success while emphasizing results and achievements along full client satisfaction.

We are committed to continuously ensure that the Ofek Institute of Management team is comprised of excellent professionals who have the academic background and the expertise to lead change and to initiate organizational development processes.

In any situation and without any regard to profit or loss, our firm has professional ethics of commitment towards the client, ensuring comprehensive performance of our work according to our utmost knowledge and ability.

Ofek Institute of Management will persist in providing its clients and its employees the confidence in our financial strength. The firm’s financial stability ensures its clients the ability to return and obtain our professional services and provides the firm’s employees with employment security.

We will continue to view our mission and our professional challenge in impacting the market sectors as management consultants. Ofek Institute of Management will continue to have a quality and excellence lasting impact in the high-tech industry and other industries, as well as in the health sector, in the defense sector and in the public sector.

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