Enterprise Project Management Ltd

Enterprise Project Management Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ofek Management Institute. The firm was founded in 2006.
The firm leads start-up initiatives which deal with creative ideas and products of applications for the internet businesses.

One of our projects was the Ashdod Medical Center in Israel. Enterprise managed the planing as welll as the process of building a facility in the size of 17,000 sqm which was programed to include an ER complex, specialists clinics, a gastro center, and an amboletory surgery center.

Ofek Management Institute - International

Ofek Management Institute International was established based on the firm’s international activity. The firm is headed by Dr. Hana and Dr. Abraham Ofek. The firm leads both consulting and training projects in numerous countries.
The firm started its international activity with leading an
e-learning initiative for the IYHF (International Youth Hostels Federation). The project was managed from the organization’s HQ in London, enabling uniform work patterns within the broad international spread of the organization. The firm’s consultant team led a process of developing an international infrastructure for recruiting and training of new employees. The firm also created the foundations for the managerial norms of the entire hostels base in over 30 different countries.
The firm led projects of work processes planning in American manufacturing industries such as Delco-Ohio and TRW, as well as intensive work processes analysis and professional training at Cleveland Clinics and other service providers and numerous factories.
Since 2002 the firm is leading activities in numerous provinces in China. The firm led a process of implementing international quality standards in the Chinese export to Japan and to the EU. This included coaching of senior management in the implementation process of EurepGAP standards, in the manufacturing of agricultural produce. The firm also led the implementation of regulations and Weee&RoHS standards in Hi-Tech facilities. Another part of the firm’s experience in China is the implementation of environmental quality standards for new industrial parks as a base for transforming from an agrarian economy to an industrial one.
The firm also leads projects of planning resettlement and reconstruction processes as well as land registration management. The firm has gained experience constructing production lines, managing decision making processes and control processes of Chinese-Western cooperation.
The firm led projects in the Zhejiang Province in cooperation with the Hangzhou business development department, as well as projects for factories in the Hungyan District of Taizhou City such as the Zhejiong Yinhe Food Co. and the new Huangyan Canned Co. factory. The firm also led projects together with CDFAO in the city of Chengdu, together with GHTM in the city of Nanning, and the development infrastructure for the Development & Service Center of the city of Guangxi.
Recently, Ofek Management Institute International led consulting and training projects in cooperation with the RCC – Rural Credit Cooperative in the Shanghai area for various factories which combine activities of local manufacturing with a joint Chinese-Western management.

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