The Ofek Management Institute team combines of people with background in Industrial Engineering & Management, Business Administration, and Social Sciences. All of us hold an university MA degree or PhD or DSc.

We are always happy to have brilliant people join us – people with a professional experience, who are willing to contribute to the progress of our clients. Ofek Management Institute always provides intellect and professional challenges as well as opportunities for self development.

We are looking for quality people who have outstanding personal relations, and who view their coworkers as fellows to our teamwork.

Your place is with us if you have:

Bullet Charisma as well as defined values
Bullet Innovative and flexible thinking
Bullet Initiative and pro-active attitude
Bullet High analytical skills
Bullet Self-learning ability
Bullet Ability to conduct complex tasks under pressure
Bullet Proficient in English
Bullet We are currently hiring:
Bullet Industrial & Management Engineers
Bullet Management Consultants
Bullet Applied Academic Researcher

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